Capitol Catalogue

Capitol stereo issues

Abbreviations used:
RL = Rainbow label

Record No.DescriptionTypePrice
SG 7108Lalo-Symphonie Espagnole/Saint-Saens-Havanaise/Intro. & Rondo Cap. Menuhin/PO/Goossens. US Rainbow label.£10
SL 9209Tchaikovsky. Piano concerto no 1. Pennario/LAPO/Leinsdorf. US Paperback Classics issue£2
SL 9213Brahms. Symphony no 3/Haydn Var. Leinsdorf/PO. US Paperback Classics issue£2
SP 8326Concertos Under the Stars". Pennario/HollywoodBowlSO/Carmen DragonRL£5
SP 8343Gershwin. Rhapsody in Blue/AnA American in Paris. Pennario/HollywoodBowlSO/SlatkinRL£7
SP 8411The Sound of Wagner". Leinsdorf/ConcertArtsSORL£14
SP 8444Strings By Starlight". Slatkin/HollywoodBowlSORL£5
SP 8498Holy,Holy,Holy". Chorale/CapitolSO/Roger WagnerRL£5
SP 8537SaintSaens-Carnival of the Animals/Poulenc-Concerto for 2 Pianos. Whittemore/Lowe/Po/DervauxRL£24
SP 8559Concerts Brilliants". Falla/Grieg/etc. Carmen Dragon/CapitolSORL£10
SP 8580Wagner-Prelude & Love Death/R Strauss. Death & Transfiguration. Leinsdorf/LAPORL£18
CMS 18007Viennese Ballroom. The Waltzes of Johann Strauss". Marek/ViennaLightOpO. A bit crackly in places£3

Capitol mono issues

Record No.DescriptionPrice
CCL 7509Debussy-Danse sacree et Danse Profane (Stockton/Ens/Slatkin)/Ravel-Intro. et Allegro (Stockton/Gleghorn/Lurie/Hollywood Qt). 10-inch mono Lp£10
CCL 7511Schubert. Symphony no 8. Steinberg/PittsburgSO. 10-inch mono Lp£5
CTL 7004Walton-String quartet in Amin/Villa-Lobos-String quartet no 6. Hollywood Qt. Bit crackly here and there but not distracting. Cover neatly sellotaped at bottom£10
CTL 7011Schubert. String quintet op163. Reher/Hollywood Qt. Green/silver label. Blue cover£14
CTL 7016Hindemith-String quartet no 3 op22/Prokofiev-String quartet no 2 op92. Hollywood Qt. One or two short clicky passaged in the Hindemith. Righthand bottom of sleeve neatly sellotaped£10
CTL 7025Smetana arr. Byrnes- Bohemian Dances/Suk-Serenade op6. Harold Byrns/CO£10
CTL 7034Love Duets from Romeo and Juliet". Jean Fenn (sop.)/Raymond Manton (ten.)/Katherine Hilgenberg (contr.)/LAOrchSocO/Waxman£5
CTL 7038Dvorak-4 Slavonic Dances/Enesco-Rumanian Rhap. 1&2. Fabien Sevitzky/IndianapolisSO. A bit worn-looking but splendid early 1950s sound£5
CTL 7059Mendelssohn/Bruch. Violin concertos. Milstein/PittsburghSO/Steinberg£25
CTL 7070Brahms. Violin concerto. Milstein/PittsburghSO/Steinberg£18
CTL 7070Another copy. Sellotape repair to top right hand corner of cover£8
CTL 7082Offenbach arr. Dorati. Suites from Bluebeard/Helen of Troy. Joseph Levine/BalletTO£5
CTL 7094Milhaud-Concerto for Percussion & Small Orch./Chavez-Toccata for Percussion (Slatkin/ConcertsArtsO)/Bartok-Music for String Instruments Percussion & Celesta (Byrns/LACSympho)£25
L 8194Chopin transcribed Britten. Les Sylphides. Joseph Levine/BalletThO. 10-inch US Lp. Maroon label/ gold lettering£8
P 8054Walton-String quartet in Amin/VillaLobos-String quartet no 6. HollywoodQt. US issue. Green label/gold lettering£20
P 8063Hindemith-Violin sonata op11 no2/Poulenc-Violin sonata. Kaufman/Balsam. US issue. Green label/gold lettering£25
P 8115R Strauss-Duet Concertino/Honegger-Concerto da Camera. Byrns/LACO. US issue. Green label/gold lettering£10
P 8151Hindemith-String quartet op22/Prokofiev-String quartet op92. Hollywood Qt. US issue. Green label/gold lettering. Slightly grubby cover£15
P 8163Brahms. String quartet op51 no2. Hollywood Qt. US issue. Green label/gold lettering. Clicky surfaces but not too distracting£3
P 8313Beethoven. Violin concerto. Milstein/PittsburghSO/Steinberg£18
P 8318SaintSaens-Cello concerto no 1/Lalo-Cello concerto. Navarra/ParisOpO/Young. Large piece of bottom right hand corner of front sleeve missing£10
P 8359Schubert. String quartet no 14 in Dmin. Hollywood Qt.£30
P 8375Haydn-Harpsichord concerto in Dmaj/bach-Harpsichord concerto in Dmin. Marlowe/ConcertArtsCO£8
P 8378Brahms. Piano quartet no 2 op26. Aller/HollywoodQt£20
P 8382Dvorak/Glazunov. Violin concertos. Milstein/PittsburghSO/Steinberg. Cover slightly chewed at open end£8
P 8512Tchaikovsky. Violin concerto. Milstein/PittsburghSO/Steinberg£10