Mercury Catalogue

Mercury AMS/CMS series – stereo

Record No.DescriptionPrice
AMS 16066Ravel-Tombeau de CouperinValse Nobles/Debussy-Petite Suite/Prelude D'Un Faune. Paray/DetroitSO£40
AMS 16108Schubert. Symphony no 8/Rosamunde Music. Skrowaczewski/MinnSO£32

Mercury other stereo

Record No.DescriptionPrice
SRI 75007Hanson. Symphony no 2/Lament for Beowulf. Hanson/EastmanRochO.£2
SRI 75053Debussy. Iberia/Prelude D'Un Faune/La Mer. Paray/DetroitSO£2
SRI 75107Piston-Symphony no 3/Hanson-Symphony no 4. Hanson/EastmanRochO.£2
SRI 75132Hanson-Young Composer's Guide to the Six Tone Scale/Schwanter-...And The Mountains Rising Nowhere/Copland-Emblems. Hunsberger/EastmanWindEns.£5
SRI-2 77003Adam. Giselle. Fistoulari/LSO. 2 Lps in gatefold sleeve£10
SRI-2 77004Delibes. Coppelia. Dorati/MinnSO. 2 Lps in gatefold sleeve£5

Mercury mono issues

Record No.DescriptionPrice
MG 50298Respighi. Pines of Rome/Fountains of Rome. Dorati/MinnSO. US issue£3
MMA 11005Copland. Rodeo/El Salon mexico/Danzon Cubano. Dorati/MinnSO£5
MMA 11006Rossini. 6 Overtures. Dorati/MinnSO£5
MMA 11008Hanson. Merry Mount Suite. Hanson/Eastman-RochesterO. Grubby cover£2
MMA 11017Handel. Water Music/Royal Fireworks. Dorati/LSO£5
MMA 11038Offenbach-Gaiete Parisienne/J Strauss-Graduation Ball. Dorati/MinnSO£5
MMA 11039Saint-Saens. Symphony no 3. Dupre/DetroitSO/Paray£5
MMA 11089Starvinsky. The Firebird. Dorati/LSO£5
MMA 11130Vive La Marche!" Paray/DetroitSO£4
MMA 11153Liszt-Hung. Rhapsodies nos 2-3/Enesco-Roumanian Rhapsodies 1-2. Dorati/LSO£5
MRL 2553Svendsen. Norwegian Rhaps nos 2-3/Symphony no 2. Gruner-Hegge/Fjeldstad/OsloPO. Smal piece of bottom righthand cover chewed£2